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Today's question is: 

"Is there a way to print more than 2 coupons on sites that have a print limit? There have been several times when you say to use 3 or 4 printable coupons when buying multiple items, but I can never print more than 2 of the same coupon for an item." -Melissa

Great question Melissa! Often times I totally just assume that people know how to print multiple coupons and I don't think I have ever addressed this question on my site, only in my class.

For those who were wondering, manufacturers put print limits on most printable coupons. The first limit is how many you can print per computer. Usually you can print 2 per computer, but I always check sometimes they allow more than 2. Just push your browsers back button to find out. The second limit is a limit on the number of coupons released. When that specific number set by the manufacturer has been met the coupon then disappears and is no longer available to print. Periodically through out a specific coupons campaign the manufacturer may decide to allow more prints, so they will reset the coupon to print again. Allowing you to print a couple more. We often see this happen just before a coupon campaign ends.

Other than the manufacturer allowing more than 2 prints per computer or the manufacturer resetting the coupon, there isn't any way around the 2 coupon print limit per computer. Coupon print limits are tracked by a unique ID in your computer's registry, so once it has seen your computers ID 2 times, it knows you have reached your print limit.

The only way I can get more than 2 of the same exact coupon, is to print from multiple computers. At my house we have 1 PC, 1 Laptop, and 1 printer. We are hooked up to a wireless network, so I can print a max of 4 of the same exact coupon; 2 coupons from both computers on the same printer. There are a few other creative ways to get more of the same exact printable coupon:
  • print from your family members (i.e. parents, in-laws, siblings, etc.) or neighbors computers. I know this is going to vary by how good of a relationship you have with them or how close (distance) the are to you, but it can definitely work to your advantage if you are willing to ask and they are willing to do it for you. If you are having them print for you a lot, then it might be a good idea to provide them with some FREE paper you get or some ink for printing.
  • print from your local library. Most library's have PC's and printers available for the public to use, although you may be charged a small fee for every page you print.
  • set up a trading system with other fellow couponers. If you are looking for a printable coupon for diapers, I'm pretty sure a woman who doesn't have young children at home would be more than willing to give you the printable coupons for diapers if you gave her some coupons that she would be interested in.

There is one thing that you CAN'T do to get more of the same exact printable coupon.

It is illegal to make photo copies any coupon that has a limit. Read the "terms of use" before printing, you’ll see they say 1 or 2 per household or person etc. All printable coupon have an embedded code in them with your computer’s IP address, so they can track if you go crazy with the copier. And, they do track them. When you down load the required coupon printer you make the agreement not to copy the coupons. When the coupon companies find out that you have been copying coupons, they will then ban you from continuing to print coupons and there could be further consequences. Here is an interesting article about a man who was copying coupons and the consequences he faced.

These are just a few of my tips.
What about you? What other tips do you have for getting multiples of the same exact coupon?
Leave your tips and comments here!

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